Pete Trash Talking My BF

Dear Space, I know I know I know. I saw it! You know how much I love old Petey but he was way out of line. And just plain wrong! No SEX in space? Sure there is! Just keep those noodles covered boys. No FOOD? Come now Mr. Holmes. There. Sure. Is. How about a […]


Gone Fishin’

Dear Space, Sorry I have been so MIA lately…..I am going through some stuff.  Some scary, undead uprising kinda stuff.  But I will be back in January, and a better gf than ever. Promise! And we can still keep in touch on Facebook, Insta, and maybe even Twitter. Cool? Cool. xo, Lauren


Call & Response: The Omega Point

Call & Response = cosmic tidbit & thematically paired song.  This week: Bop along to Violent Femme’s “Blister in the Sun” while pondering Jason Silva‘s vision of the ultimate singularity, or The Omega Point.   

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