Pete Trash Talking My BF

Dear Space, I know I know I know. I saw it! You know how much I love old Petey but he was way out of line. And just plain wrong! No SEX in space? Sure there is! Just keep those noodles covered boys. No FOOD? Come now Mr. Holmes. There. Sure. Is. How about a […]

Gone Fishin’

Dear Space, Sorry I have been so MIA lately…..I am going through some stuff.  Some scary, undead uprising kinda stuff.  But I will be back in January, and a better gf than ever. Promise! And we can still keep in touch on Facebook, Insta, and maybe even Twitter. Cool? Cool. xo, Lauren

Call & Response: The Omega Point

Call & Response = cosmic tidbit & thematically paired song.  This week: Bop along to Violent Femme’s “Blister in the Sun” while pondering Jason Silva‘s vision of the ultimate singularity, or The Omega Point.   

How About Caterpillars?

Dear Space, Speaking of bugs, how do you feel about caterpillars?  Cause according to this snap that Hubble took the other day, you have one crawling on you….. Don’t worry, the cosmic variety are (mostly) harmless. xo, – Lauren

Are You Afraid of Spiders?

Dear Space, Are you afraid of spiders?  Because I am.  Don’t get me wrong – I also realize they are very cool and interesting little creatures but something about them (especially the ones that can jump!) kinda gives me the heebie-jeebies. Admittedly not more than centipedes.  Or millipedes.  Really we can just go on the […]

You’re Having A Moment, Space

Dear Space, So it seems I’m not the only non-space-genius Earthling that really really wants to get up in you – you are très popular right now. Case in several points: People are giving serious thought about how to live in you, and some are even planning to go colonize Mars in a mere 10 years Space […]

Slingshot Stuff Into Space

Dear Space, You know how expensive it is for me to mail you anything right? Well soon I will be able to use a non-rocket based super slingshot (called the “Slingatron”) to send you stuff at hypervelocity – a hell of a lot cheaper than the $10,000 is costs to send you even a measly […]

Sneaky Space Centaurs

Dear Space, So you know those space centaurs we’ve been talking about?  Well apparently they are comets AND asteroids. But mostly comets. Sneaky buggers. – Lauren

Say, What’s In This Drink?

Dear Space, I am on to your little quantum boozy secret.  A little single-malt hidden in the bottom drawer of W3(OH), huh?  Well actually, since it’s all gaseous methanol, it is more like cosmic moonshine. Even so, you had to know it was only a matter of time until we sniffed out that 280-billion-mile cloud of […]